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Seven Hundreds Students at the Wigan & Leigh College have an edge over the rest of the student population. As part of their post graduate course, As part of their post graduate course, they also get to work at one of the 400 leading companies such as HTA, Lintas, JJ Vallaya, Provogue, HCL and ICICI among others. After graduation they only need to walk into the same company as fulltime employees. What’s more, they also have the advantage of starting off on a higher pay scale than other freshers because of two years of work experience. Bangalore Times caught up with Vinay Pasricha, director of Wigan & Leigh College, to ask about the rationale behind their “Learn and Earn” programme.

What is the Learn and Earn programme all about?

The learn and earn facility is an apprenticeship programme. As part of this student attend class between 8 am and 11 am every day after which they work with leading companies in their respective fields for a maximum of six hours for five days a week

Does the course get too tough for the students to handle?

Initially yes, During the first semester the students find it difficult to manage both studies and work. But since their placement is related to what they are studying they find it challenging, They get used to their hectic schedules and even begin to enjoy it and look forward to working with the company full time.

Why did Wigan & Leigh College find it necessary to start such a course?

Any college education only gives you the thertical aspect of a subject. At work, they still start off as laymen. We had a discussion involving the best brains in the country to find out what can equip students to take on the corporate world. And the outcome was the learn and earn facility, through which the students already have the known-how that their job requires. Almost all our students are recruited by the company they have interned with. Most of them are employed before they even start the course.

On what basis are students selected?

Students need to be graduates. They also need to undergo an interview; the panel includes trainers from the companies which will be taking in students for the apprenticeship programme. Candidate need th have good communicative skills and their admission to the college depends a lot on their performance at the interview.

Are there any new courses that Wigan & Leigh plans to offer?

We are looking on a new course in visual communications and interactive media. we will be offering fashion at the post graduate level startng this year.

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