The WLC traineeship programme

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Earn while you Learn

The Traineeship programme is the heart of our teaching methodology. We believe that learning must not only take place in the class room, but simultaneously at the work place. Our traineeship programme offers a hands-on approach to the students in their chosen profession, and an opportunity to work with the best in industry.

All students pursuing programmes in Advertising & Graphic Design, Fashion Technology, Media Studies, Business Management and Hospitality Management are eligible for the traineeship programme.

Simultaneous to pursuing the programme, students are selected by one of our industry partners to work in their offices on assignments directly related to their chosen course, and are paid an attractive stipend for their services. Classroom sessions are held in the morning for 3 hours a day, following which the students work in the offices of their industry partner.

These students are usually placed in the management cadre of these companies on successful completion of their programme and satisfactory work performance during the traineeship period.

Industry partners for the WLC traineeship programme
The effectiveness of any educational programme lies in its application to business and the industry. Our Industry partners play the crucial part in providing our students with an opportunity to perform relevant work in their chosen industries.

Click here to view the representative list of our industry partners, arranged according to the WLC programme Specialisations.

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