The WLC difference

About WLC

We realise that the years you will spend with us is a big investment in your future. It is only natural to ask the question – Why should you spend these years at WLC?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider WLC.

  • Our faculty and academic programmes are incomparable – they provide you with the perfect balance of academics and practical work experience.
  • Our extensive network and links with universities across the globe ensure that the course portfolio is effective and contemporary, based on proven global learning methodologies developed over a period of 150 years.
  • Our ‘Study in the UK programme’ and the visiting faculty add to the international experience of studying at WLC India.
  • Our Traineeship programme is our edge. This provides students with an opportunity to interact closely with the industry and gain corporate experience from the day one, finally leading to effective placements.
  • Our Career Management Center is very effective. Our industry partnerships pave the way for the right placements for our students. The best Indian and transnational corporations have partnered with us to provide students practical on-the-job training and jobs on the successful completion of the programme.
  • Our campuses in India provide a wealth of facilities to make learning a pleasurable experience with well-stocked libraries, air- conditioned classrooms with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, modern computer centres, fashion laboratories, design workshops & studios and cafeterias.

But what sets us apart is the Wigan spirit – the unique atmosphere of fellowship and individuality; of cohesiveness between a diverse student group; of the willness of the faculty to embrace new ideas to ensure that they do everything possible to make WLC students the Winners & Leaders of tomorrow.

Studying at WLC is not just about education, it’s “a bridge to your future”.

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