The Higher Education Support System

Services to Industry

The Higher education support system initiated by Wigan & Leigh “SPACE” provides opportunities to organizations for supporting outstanding young candidates to undertake their further education in their chosen field while the candidate simultaneously works with them.

Besides the social goal achieved by the organization of supporting a needy and deserving candidate and having a high caliber professional working and contributing for the partnering organization, recognition in the national and international media as a responsible corporate body is the fringe benefit derived.
All of the above comes to the organization at a very marginal increase in the cost that they would have normally incurred for hiring a similar professional for the subject job. Since the candidates are monitored for their performance at both the academics and the job and are continuously mentored, one can justifiably assume a higher degree of productivity and efficiency from them.

The Higher Education Support Programme integrates the following key aspects :

  • Marginal increase in investment
  • Ensures a dedicated front line team
  • Ensures high quality front line employment
  • Commitment from the college for course correction and special training
  • “Socially responsible” company and gets media exposure
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