The extra-curricular experience

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Lady Catherine Young distributes prizes at the design competition

The extra-curricular experience

Life at Wigan & Leigh campus is more than just attending lectures. WLC admits committed students who balance their academic life with extracurricular and leadership activities in the community at large. Students typically take part in a broad variety of activities at WLC such as industry visits, international exchange programmes, seminars, workshops, debates, exhibitions, fashion shows and sports events.

Students are also encouraged to participate in inter-centre tournaments and competitions organised by other institutes. This spirit of involvement is important because teamwork and leadership are the foundation of the WLC experience. WLC students have won trophies in various competitions. Wigan students from India won the prestigious CIM North West Marketing Competition held at University of Central Lancashire, UK in March 2002.

Student involvement

Student input is important to activities at WLC. The management encourages suggestions and seeks to address student concerns. An example that emphasizes this is the direct access to faculty and management, both personally and by using their customised section of the WLC website.

To ensure smooth communication between students and the management, the College also has fixed dates when students can directly approach the management and discuss their experience and inhibitions.

At WLC, students look forward to an interesting and enjoyable campus life.

Family involvement

The college also involves the parents and keeps them updated of all the events that happen in the campus. Seminars on career counselling are held frequently and students can invite their parents.

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