WLC College India offers following course in Media. Click on the course name for more details.

Under Graduate Courses

4 Years Integrated Post Graduate Programme in Media
Advanced Diploma in Media
BA (HONS) Media (2+1 year twining programme)

Post Graduate Courses

Post Graduate Programme in Mass Communication


Sanjay Maharishi,
Cinematographer & Director

“The Media School at WLC College India provides a perfect environment for students who opt for the electronic media as a professional career. I find the School adaptive in its approach, encouraging students to pursue a line in which they fit in best, be it video camera-work, editing, direction, sound recording or even theoretical media studies. Here, they find space to experiment with new ideas and respond creatively to modern image making techniques.”

Nitin Donde,
Animation Film Maker

“I have taught Wigan media students animation techniques. Five short animation films were produced in a 50-hour animation workshop. The films they made are excellent student films of international quality. They are scheduled for screening at the India International Centre along with a collection of ASIFA films entitled ‘Two Minutes for You’, that were earlier screened at the Hiroshima International Film Festival.”

Naresh Sharma,

“Wigan & Leigh is very receptive to inviting professionals from the Media as visiting faculty to teach their students. This helps to give students confidence and also trains them with practical and professional skills and not merely theoretical knowledge.”

Madhur Sen,
Ceramic Artist

“On my very first day at Wigan I was welcomed by a group of very cheerful, warm, highly talented and energetic faculty members and I immediately felt a sense of belonging there. The students enjoy an excellent rapport with their teachers and I found that they spent a great deal of their time in many interesting and creative activities.”

Rohan Manchanda,
ADMS VI, 2005

“The modules taught in the Media Course are designed in such a way that we as students get a complete feel of professional practices in the Media. We are encouraged to explore our creativity to the fullest and are given great freedom to the use of facilities and equipment to create our own portfolio of films, radio spots or advertisements.”

Von Brian Saxena,
ADMS IV, 2005

“Approaching my final year at Wigan in Media Studies, I have found the course to be very complete, as it strikes a fine balance between theory and practical learning. Through well- directed workshops led by practicing professionals and excellent teaching by in-house faculty, students are shown the various possibilities of working with the audio-visual medium. We are encouraged to take up individual projects in which each of us has the opportunity to explore to the depths of our own creativity. I now look forward to directing my own films.”

Arpita Sinha,
PGMC II, 2005

“I was an introvert and rigid when I joined Wigan. In one semester I discovered a new and more confident me. Now, I think I am ready to become a television journalist or else go into television production or public relations. The interaction between the faculties and us help us believe in ourselves and our strengths.”

Mayuri Mittal,
PGMC II, 2005

“I joined Media for the heck of it. I finished my graduation and was lost and confused for a long time. Then I saw the programme Wigan was offering and thought that I would give it a shot. With continuing support from the faculty and the workshops and assignments they give us, I am confident that my future is secure and that Media is the career for me.”
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