IV. Recruitment & Training

Recruitment & Selection

Based on our experience with various Corporates, we realized that the rapidly changing business environment has thrown up several challenges on the Human Resources front. Some of these are as follows :

  • Mismatch of candidates profile & job requirement
  • Unrealistic aspiration vs. actual job contents
  • Appropraite candidate with inadequate skills
  • Inadequate understanding of job specifications leading to low motivation level
  • Employees at times fail to achieve targets due to inadequate skills and get under avoidable Pressure of work further affecting their performance
  • Absence of consistent guidance and counseling by senior managers due to unavailability of time with them
  • Ensuring consistency in performance and motivation level of the employees despite the monotonous nature of work.

Wigan & Leigh’s Recruitment & Training program aims at creating greater level of commitment through continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills of the sales, service and other executives leading to high degree of satisfaction and low rate of attrition. The core of the entire programme revolves on the following keynotes :

  • Right candidate for the right job.
  • Low recruitment cost
  • Very low training cost
  • High levels of commitment
  • Low rate of attrition
  • High levels of productivity and efficiency

The above objectives are achieved through the following :

  • Organization’s needs (numbers of employees, type of employees, and the basic training required) are identified through an intense interaction between the college and the organization
  • Suitable candidates are selected jointly through a structured selection process
  • Candidate is employed by the organization as a full-time employee and works for five and a half days every week
  • Induction training of 4-5 days duration is imparted to the selected candidates by WLC before he/she joins the organization
  • The candidates are enrolled for a one year part time training programme conducted on the weekends at WLC campus by WLC
  • The content of the training programme is jointly worked out between the college and the organization from the following modules
  • The training leads to awarding of Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM) after the successful completion of the training
  • The candidate has an option to carry forward the credits earned during the DMM programme to a three year part time PGDBM programme
  • The candidate is monitored and mentored during the DMM programme for performance on the job as well as the academics
  • The candidate executes an agreement to work for the organization for atleast one more year after the completion of training

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