III. Payroll Administration

HR Outsourcing

Our Payroll Administration process integrates easily with the existing systems and time requirements of our partner organizations

The process is undertaken after of conducting discussions with key personnel in HR and Finance Department to understand the required:

  • Payroll Policies
  • Processes workflow
  • Data preparation for payroll processing
  • Reports generated for distribution and filing
  • Time and processing cycle requirements

In the second stage, the Monthly Payroll Process Procedures are documented. This documentation consists of the following procedures and responsibilities:

  • When is your monthly cut-off date
  • How are transactions forwarded to SPACE for payroll processing
  • What reports to be generated for distribution and filing
  • When are the payslips updated
  • Which bank is to be used for crediting employees’ salaries
  • What is the formal communication channel between the client and SPACE

Upon understanding and documenting your payroll processes, SPACE will then implement the payroll system. The payroll system could be implemented on-site or could be managed at SPACE’s premises, depending on the client’s requirement.

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