II. Traineeship

Recruitment & Selection

The Traineeship Program consists of a new, planned learning experience, which combines classroom learning with career-related, off-campus work experience. In other words, our students study, and work with our partnering organizations simultaneously, thereby getting the rare opportunity to apply theory into practice progressively throughout their course. The students thereby, also get intense exposure to softer dimensions of corporate expectations like teamwork, leadership, winning attitude, entrepreneurial and value based ethical way of conducting business, even before they start as full time employees.

Under the same program, expert trainers are hired to also combine integrity and effectiveness workshops in the normal curriculum to build in these integral qualities required by every organization.

Alternative learning methods like Mind Motivating outdoor games, Open Houses and Brainstorming Sessions are also imparted to further develop their potential

The program is structured in a way that the recruits are not only groomed in the competencies the job requires but also in attaining the productive level faster

Advantages accuring to the employers:

  • An Opportunity to evaluate employees before making long-term hiring decisions
  • Greater average retention rates and job satisfaction among employees hired through a traineeship program
  • Increased productivity by trainees because of high level of integrity
  • Accessibility of the expertise of Wigan & Leigh College through high quality practical training, professional instructors, real life experiences
  • Services of the College as a professional & collaborative mentor to ensure sustained levels of performance.
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