Holistic Education

About WLC

New technology, the constant avalanche of information and wide exposure to the world around us is affecting attention spans and suppressing the creative ability of individuals. Students and their caliber is important to us at Wigan & Leigh. A lot of investment is made towards the development of each student. Workshops are designed to give them a head-start in career management and problem solving, with emphasis on ethics and integrity at the workplace.

Life Skills Workshops

The motto of our Life Skills’ expert is that nothing is impossible. The only difference, he says, is that “extraordinary people see possibilities where ordinary people see blocks and obstacles”. Through Life Skill workshops we aim at the holistic development of the students. They obtain key skills of negotiation and growth and develop handles for an easier climb up the ladder. Life Skills also help in improving inter-personal skills necessary for progress in individual fields.

Workshops in Communication Skills

These workshops look at the basic skills of communication. Little do we realise that communication skills are really an art. How does one talk so that another person listens and understands? How does one listen? How does one know if he has been heard and understood? These and much more are the aims of teaching communication as a separate module which is a part of every course curriculum.

Learning How to Learn

Learning is fun when you know how to. Students often complain of boredom and lack of enthusiasm. We recognise these symptoms and make an active attempt at making learning fun! We help students master the simple skills required to study, learn and improve their powers of concentration.

Study technology is a vast body of knowledge that not only consistently teaches people to learn how to learn, but delineates the previously unknown major barriers to defective study. Armed with this knowledge, anyone can study successfully. Altogether, this represents nothing less than a revolution in the field of education.

At Wigan & Leigh the purpose is to provide educators, vocational trainers, community groups, parents & students with the learning tools they need to achieve and free the world from illiteracy, where individuals know how to learn and achieve their chosen goals.

Common Skills

During their course at Wigan, students acquire skills and experiences that have a direct impact on the career of their choice. They also acquire skills that although of a general nature, contribute towards creating the complete professional. These Common Skills cover areas of research, self-organisation, self-development and communication. All of these are needed by anyone intent on successfully pursuing their chosen career and helps students to learn, adapt and apply specific knowledge to their best advantage. In all modules of study, a significant emphasis is laid on these practical aspects of Managing and Developing Self, Working with Others, Communicating, Managing Tasks and Problems, Applying Numeracy, Design and Creativity.

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