College Resources

About WLC

All WLC campuses have a wide range of facilities, in line with international standards, to suit the needs of every student. All campuses are fully air-conditioned and provide facilities such as:


Each campus has a library with a wide range of quality books by renowned Indian and international authors, updated regularly. The library has a regular subscription of various journals and magazines both foreign and Indian. The library service provides resources and facilities for study, research, self-improvement and enjoyment, offering not only books but many other forms of media, including printed and electronic information.

Computer Center

The computer centre at each campus is equipped with the latest computing resources and facilities to help students take technology in their stride.

Fashion Labs

Well-equipped fashion labs have specialised equipment required for garment manufacturing, including latest industrial sewing machines for weaves and knits such as over-lock machines, flat-lock with trimmer, button-hole machines, blind hammer machines and ironing equipment.

Design Studios

WLC has specialised design studios, photographic labs and computer centres equipped with the latest designing software including Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress, CorelDraw, 3D Modeling, animation and multimedia software.

Media centre

Well equipped media centre to investigate the media in the form of library research, audience research and to work on films and videos, TV programmes, video cameras, digital editing and photography.

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